Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Meltdown?

ice sculpture

The Meltdown Winter Ice Festival is held on the last weekend of January and includes events the week leading up to the weekend.

The next Meltdown will be held January 25-29, 2022.

How long do the ice sculptures last?

Depending on the weather, the ice sculptures can last a day to up to weeks after the festival.

Where can I eat during the Meltdown?

There are many restaurants, cafes, and bakeries located in Richmond. See Visit Richmond’s listing of eateries to find a restaurant that appeals to you.

How do they make the ice blocks?

The ice blocks used for carving is made by a clinebell machine. The machine freezes water slowly from the bottom up so that impurities and air bubbles aren’t trapped in the ice. This creates crystal-clear blocks of ice that our carvers use to turn into works of art.

Does it cost money to look at the ice sculptures?

No, there is no fee to walk around and view the sculptures. You can take photos or videos of these magnificent works of art so long as you don’t block traffic flow or impede others from enjoying the artwork themselves. There may be a charge for individual Meltdown events.

How did the carvers learn to carve these giant ice sculptures?

Most of the ice carvers learned to carve ice in culinary school! That means they’re awesome chefs too!

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