Meltdown Winter Ice Festival




We are currently finalizing the details of the cool events to take place this weekend! Watch out for your favorite events:

  • Friday; People’s Champion Throwdown  
    The People’s Champion Throwdown will be located at Jack Elstro Plaza (47 North 6th Street). We’re putting our world-class carvers on the spot! Audience members will choose what the carvers create. Then, two carving teams will battle it out in three 15-minute rounds. You’ll see chunks of ice form into your very own audience suggestion!
    Which team will win? The audience will decide! It’s the People’s Champion Throwdown because YOU decide what the teams carve, and YOU decide who did the best!


  • Saturday: Mega Meltdown Throwdown
    The Mega Meltdown Throwdown will be located at Elstro Plaza (47 North 6th Street). Art will be destroyed. There will be ONLY ONE winner.
    Just like Friday’s Throwdown, ice carvers will battle it out in three 15-minute rounds, but the Mega Meltdown Throwdown comes with a TWIST OF DESTRUCTION.
    Which masterpiece will make it through the night? You have to be there to find out!


  • Lego contests, coloring contests, a chili cook-off, and more! Stay tuned for more details on the Meltdown fun!